Cataloging by Columbus

Your fast, friendly, reliable antique, fine art and collectibles valuation and appraisal service for buyers and sellers.

Our team of International antique appraisal experts will quickly catalog and value your antiques, collectibles and art so you can discover what they are in the sure knowledge the Columbus appraisal will help you value and identify them correctly. Sellers can achieve the true value of their pieces. Potential buyers can avoid the pitfalls of overpaying, copies and fakes.

A simple, easy to use, reliable appraisal service - just send details of your item, attach pictures, URLs or simply an eBay item number. You will then receive a comprehensive evaluation detailing the date and origin of your piece, together with notes about the artist, period or item that we feel are of relevance, or of help to you. Our estimate of the value of the piece - the price it is likely to fetch at auction - is always included. All our opinions are issued with a unique number that anyone can confirm with us is accurate. We offer a quality, professional service at a reasonable price - our reputation is your guarantee.

If we cannot make some constructive input with regard to identifying the item we will not make any charge at all. If you need supplementary questions answered, or an explanation, we are always happy to help and there is no further charge. To get the best out of this service - you supply the information and we draw the conclusions. We are happy to clarify any areas of doubt or confusion at no additional cost.

We cover almost every field of antique, art and collectible, our speciality being the difficult area of Oriental antiques, with its maze of confusing marks and signatures. Our team has recently been fortunate to have been joined by well known experts Ian Ward, Macy Comer and Tony Benito. This significantly adds to our expertise in the fields of antique silver, fine furniture and rare books.

All this for a fee of US$16 per item. The response time is only 24 hours and often you will get an evaluation far quicker than that. Values are given in US dollars and based on market values in the USA unless otherwide requested.